About VUGO

It's no secret that coal is a very important component of a hookah. You can get a good smoking device, quality tobacco, but bad coal can ruin everything. In addition, harmful impurities in coal may quickly affect your health. That’s why we created exclusive hookah coal with the following benefits:

  • 100% natural composition
  • Low carbon monoxide emissions
  • Practically no harmful evaporations during combustion
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Long steady burning
  • Acceptable ash content
  • Headaches will be completely absent or significantly reduced
  • Eye irritation will be completely absent or significantly reduced

VUGO coals are made from walnut shells which is a great alternative to coconut coal. Our production is located in Ukraine, which is in the Top 5 countries in the world for growing walnuts, so there are plenty of walnut shells in Ukraine. The use of such raw materials and unique equipment allows you to get a product that is superior to coconut coal in many ways. In comparison to coconut coal, VUGO emits less carbon monoxide and is produced without adding any chemicals that are usually used to improve coal burning and obtain the required strength of the cube. Numerous experiments have led us to create environmentally friendly coal with many great advantages that are unique on today’s market.

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We are proud of the quality of our product and we want to prove it to you.
Please see below our protocol testing certification.

Frequently asked questions

Why is your hookah coal better?
We do not use chemical additives designed to improve the ignition of coal, increase its strength in the cold state or when burning. Therefore, VUGO does not emit an unpleasant odour during ignition and burning. The high content of pure carbon and the high density of the cube contribute to the long burning of coal in a hookah. When smoking hookah, there are only the taste and smell of tobacco, without any impurities coming from the coal. The purity of our product expects no headaches, which often accompanies when in use with low-quality coals.
Your coal leaves more ash than coconut, why is that?
The ash content of coal is determined by the amount of non-combustible substances in the coal cube such as calcium, potassium, silicon and others. The calcium content in walnut coal is higher than in coconut coal. That is because, the natural features of walnut trees are to pull calcium from the ground for their needs and then it is transferred to the shell. This leads to the fact that the total ash content in our coal is slightly higher than in coconut. We could use certain chemicals to slow down the release of the ashes, but since we are specifically working without chemicals this is out of the question for us. We are marketing a natural product and so the release of the ash is a natural process, however we are working to find a way to minimize this process.
Is there enough heat?
The amount of heat released by coal depends on the content of pure carbon in it, the density of the cube and its moisture. Depending on intensity of smoking, 2 cubes of VUGO coals in kaloud should be enough heat to enjoy hookah for one hour. To improve the heat of our coals we recommend tapping off the ash every 15 minutes.
How long does it burn compared to coconut?
VUGO's burning time is not inferior compared to the best samples of coconut coals.

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